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An investment portfolio that understands you.

Our Services

With a diverse range of friendly, highly trained and experienced financial advisers and staff, we advise clients on tax effective accumulation of assets, investment and portfolio management, protection of assets and income and transfer of assets including estate planning.

Your Needs and Enjoyment

Tax Effective Accumulation of Assets

Investment and Portfolio Management

Protection of Assets and Income

Transfer of Assets including Estate Planning

It's Important

Our Relationship With You

At Northhaven we strive to give each of our clients peace of mind with personal financial advice. We care for each of our clients and know that everyone has their own unique financial situation. We value getting to know you, your family and what's important to you.

A Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your major long-term financial and family lifestyle objectives. We commit to providing you with a tailored plan and investment portfolio, custom to you, that will preserve and grow what you have already worked so hard for.

Your Financial Goals & Dreams

Your goals and dreams are our goals and dreams too. At Northhaven we find fulfillment in helping each of our clients reach their goals. We want to be there for your financial journey, guiding and financially advising you along the way to assist you in reaching your dreams.

Business Consultation

Over 55 Years Combined Experience

We Care About Your Future

Dedicated & Accessible Support Team

Over 200 Satisfied Clients

Client Focused

Constantly Evolving

Why Choose Us

Get To Know Us



"20 years of solid financial guidance and knowledge resulting in a very successful lifestyle retirement."


"I have only experienced, professionalism, great attitudes and great results."


"Their consistent and meticulous approach has resulted in a retirement for us with little or no financial stress..."
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