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With a diverse range of highly trained and experienced staff, we advise clients on tax effective accumulation of assets, investment and portfolio management, protection of assets and income and transfer of assets including estate planning.

Tax Effective Accumulation of Assets

Northhaven advises on appropriate structures for building and protecting wealth, including the use of superannuation funds, family trusts, companies and partnerships. We determine which structures will suit you best.

Investment and Portfolio Management

Our approach to investment management involves identifying your risk profile and matching it with appropriate investments to reach your objectives. Via our Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Service, Northhaven also offers portfolio management on an active basis. Actively managed portfolios will generally include both direct investment in Australian and international securities, along with utilising wholesale managed funds.

Protection of Assets and Income

At Northhaven we recommend diversifying investment assets in order to help reduce risk and protect your asset base over the long term. Dependent upon individual and family circumstances, we may also look at other forms of asset protection through different structures such as family trusts and companies. It is also important to discuss protecting ones income, as often our earning capacity is our largest asset.

Transfer of Assets (Estate Planning)

We work closely with your solicitor to ensure that your estate documents are in order and that your will is drawn up to meet your desired outcomes. We will go over the existing ownership and control of assets and ensure that it is consistent with the will, giving you complete peace of mind.

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